Trust, abuse, and football

As is becoming increasingly clear there are sadly many women who have been emotionally or sexually abused in childhood by men that they trusted. (I know that there have been men who have been victims and women who have abused, but they are a minority). Many of these women have never spoken out for fear… Continue reading Trust, abuse, and football

despair about duality

I have grappled with dual thinking about physical and mental illness for years, both professionally and personally. I had dared to hope that things were improving slowly, that mental illness was better accepted, if not understood, by the general population in the UK, even if not by the medical profession. Unfortunately I feel forced to… Continue reading despair about duality

institutional abuse

She read the email again, for the third time. She had spotted it in her inbox and opened it before going through the rest of the mail. When it started ‘I am so sorry…’ she had no need to read further, but she did, searching  for the scrap of good news that might be buried… Continue reading institutional abuse

losing a baby

I walk down the corridor and turn the corner – and stop. Outside the room stand an official looking woman and a uniformed policeman. What have I not been told? ‘Who are you? Why do you want to go into the room?’ The questions are blunt, and whilst not hostile, certainly not friendly. I feel… Continue reading losing a baby


I had already thought about the ethics of autoethnographic writing, and discussed it in a research ethics seminar. However, yesterday’s writing made me think all over again. My husband was clearly put out by my comments that ‘he had understood the film from beginning to end’ and obviously felt that I had somehow portrayed him… Continue reading communication