the joys of randomness

30 October 2015 I love making random discoveries that become a potentially important part of the research journey. Not only is it great fun, as you meander in an apparently aimless way through the web, but I find it highly subversive. Years of counter-intuitive obedience to the scientific method, ruthlessly and inappropriately demanded because –… Continue reading the joys of randomness

death of compassion

More than 72 hours on from the shock exit polls, and the even more shocking election result, I am still living with a feeling of unreality. Many media commentators have remarked on how the consistency of the numerous polls in the weeks leading up to the election made the impact of the actual result all… Continue reading death of compassion

casual tweeting hides unpleasant truths

A couple of bipolar-related issues caught my eye on twitter today. The first was a reported exchange at a senior management team meeting of a mental health trust. One consultant suggests empowering staff to advocate for patients. HR director replies: “This is a mental health trust, not Amnesty International.” I tweeted the person who’d reported… Continue reading casual tweeting hides unpleasant truths

Eleanor de Freitas

I hadn’t heard about this tragic case until listening to this morning’s Radio 4 Today programme. My mounting anger and fear turned to tears as I listened to Eleanor’s father being interviewed. For once, even the Daily Mail and Guardian are in accord about the bare bones of the case. Eleanor was a very bright… Continue reading Eleanor de Freitas