the privatisation of the NHS

I watched this film soon after it was publicised and having just watched it again am horrified that the privatisation tank is rolling on with virtually no resistance. It is eighteen months since the film was made, and the latest steps towards full privatisation are currently proceeding in near secrecy. STP – Sustainability and Transformation… Continue reading the privatisation of the NHS

them and us

Twice in the past two days I have ¬†found myself with tears rolling down my cheeks. I am not a person who cries easily, so why now? Yesterday I walked back from the picket line of junior doctors outside our local hospital. I had taken them sandwiches and cakes as an expression of solidarity for… Continue reading them and us

doctors’ contracts, jeremy hunt & the NHS

It is difficult to know where to start. I feel angry, disappointed and saddened in almost equal measure, although anger and disbelief predominate. The long running dispute between the doctors (represented by the BMA) and the government has come to a head in recent months, and following the second day of industrial action on Wednesday,… Continue reading doctors’ contracts, jeremy hunt & the NHS

The NHS, doctors on strike & other things

It feels as though we are reaching the end game with the NHS. The Guardian has launched a month-long ‘special’ looking at all aspects of the NHS, and something about the NHS features in the media nearly every day. The official narratives diverge more and more with the publication of each new set of figures.… Continue reading The NHS, doctors on strike & other things

the NHS & the welfare state

I read a tweet this morning ‘one question from my doctor saved my life’. I didn’t have time to follow up on it, but my immediate thought was ‘one hug from my psychiatrist saved my life’. Last night I was at a meeting of a local 38 degrees group that is concentrating on the NHS… Continue reading the NHS & the welfare state