Trust, abuse, and football

As is becoming increasingly clear there are sadly many women who have been emotionally or sexually abused in childhood by men that they trusted. (I know that there have been men who have been victims and women who have abused, but they are a minority). Many of these women have never spoken out for fear… Continue reading Trust, abuse, and football

football – reflections on travelling away

Coming down to earth after an exciting Cup win at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium last night I find myself reflecting on the enormous paradoxes of English football. 59,600 people turned out on a midweek evening to watch 22 men kicking a ball around a patch of grass. The gulf between the lifestyles of the men on… Continue reading football – reflections on travelling away

history & humiliation

I had an interesting discussion last week about what blogs are about – the context was a challenge about writing about historical issues on my blog (‘losing a baby’). My challenger stated that blogs must be about contemporary matters, not that which is in the past. I think that she is wrong. The first online… Continue reading history & humiliation

British values?

Obama to send 300 military advisers into Iraq. Suarez claims winning goals are retribution. Gove’s British values defined. Worldwide numbers of refugees exceeds 50 million. MP tweets desire to punch (female) journalist. Private schools’ head start in sport. Pope says don’t legalise drugs; UK religious leaders unite on FGM Down and almost out – what… Continue reading British values?

things are not what they seem

A curious collection of events in the past 24h that struck as being linked by one thing only – that what one sees on the surface can often be very different from what is actually going on. I woke to the familiar voices of the radio 4 Today presenters, discussing a forthcoming Panorama programme about… Continue reading things are not what they seem