How football can disappoint

Two European finals, four English teams. To arrive at this point, four gripping semi-finals offering the highest level of the game – goals, excitement, edge-of-the-seat nerve-wracking moments, and even a penalty shootout. Extraordinary spectacles including a manager unashamedly in tears, on his knees on the pitch. There followed lengthy debate in the media about the… Continue reading How football can disappoint

Moving on

This blog was started as work toward my MRes degree. The content of the blog, together with a commentary and visual artwork were submitted to the University of Brighton and my degree was awarded with distinction. I am currently studying Creative Writing at the University of Chichester. I have decided that this blog should become… Continue reading Moving on

A nest of rag and bone

Originally posted on Freefall:
Reviewing John Burnside’s latest collection Still Life With Feeding Snake earlier this week, I was drawn to two poems that frame the male gaze, ‘Annunciation in Grey and Black’ and ‘Approaching Sixty’. In the latter, the narrator watches a girl in a cafe in Innsbruck as she winds her hair then…