Where does one even begin? It is depressing to think that our media is, for the next four months, going to be dominated ┬áby whether Britain should stay in the EU. It is even more depressing to think that the outcome could possibly be influenced by the views of a man who has virtually admitted… Continue reading europe

The NHS, doctors on strike & other things

It feels as though we are reaching the end game with the NHS. The Guardian has launched a month-long ‘special’ looking at all aspects of the NHS, and something about the NHS features in the media nearly every day. The official narratives diverge more and more with the publication of each new set of figures.… Continue reading The NHS, doctors on strike & other things

death of compassion

More than 72 hours on from the shock exit polls, and the even more shocking election result, I am still living with a feeling of unreality. Many media commentators have remarked on how the consistency of the numerous polls in the weeks leading up to the election made the impact of the actual result all… Continue reading death of compassion

the NHS & the welfare state

I read a tweet this morning ‘one question from my doctor saved my life’. I didn’t have time to follow up on it, but my immediate thought was ‘one hug from my psychiatrist saved my life’. Last night I was at a meeting of a local 38 degrees group that is concentrating on the NHS… Continue reading the NHS & the welfare state