Ad majorem Dei gloriam

i.e, id est,

that is:  IS, Isis, Isil.

Islamic State.

Ebola, haemorrhagic fever,

Black flags of fear, yellow flags of pestilence.

Plague and death breaking away from where they belong

e.g, exempli gratia,

for instance: in Africa, in the Middle East,

over there, far away from us.

N.B, nota bene,

note well that we, us, Europeans and North Americans,

veni, vidi, vici,

we thought that we had come and seen, and if not conquered,

civilised, imposed our Western values.

Now terror enters our home through cyberspace (beheadings and crucifixions left to our imagination)

and airports harbour threat not promise of exotic travel.

And all we can do is wait.

S.T.T.L, sit tibi terra levis,

May the earth rest lightly on you.




One thought on “AMDG

  1. I would think about cutting the 5th and 6th lines as the tell rather than show and the poem is stronger when it feels reported?

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