treating causes not symptoms

It is a good general principle to treat the cause rather than the symptom, although in modern medicine we seem to spend more and more times and money treating symptoms whilst acknowledging, but refusing to deal with, the causes. However what spurred me to write the previous post ‘losing a baby’ was listening to the… Continue reading treating causes not symptoms

why isn’t mental health taken seriously?

Amazingly, the headline on the 07.00 radio 4 news this morning was about the shortage of mental health beds. There was more detail on the BBC website, including details of a patient being admitted to a ward for deaf people, other patients in London being sent to B&B accommodation, and patients being sent hundreds of… Continue reading why isn’t mental health taken seriously?

thoughts for the rcpsych

The RCPsych has an ongoing commitment to parity of esteem These are a few thoughts about equality and diversity in mental health – maybe I should have phrased that ‘lack of equality and diversity in mental health.’ I get incredibly angry about the refusal of the medical profession in general, and psychiatrists in particular, to… Continue reading thoughts for the rcpsych