how do we decide what is just?

I was at a Guardian event yesterday (The Alternative Party Conference – great fun and thought provoking) and a passing comment rekindled an issue that had been laying dormant for some months. Simon Danczuk was contributing to a panel discussion about (amongst other things) corruption in Westminster, and commented that he had been responsible for… Continue reading how do we decide what is just?

how do we value ourselves?

I follow a few blogs, including that of the poet Roy Marshall  and was interested to read this in his latest blog: “I write reviews and quite often read my poems for no fee. There is always some debate amongst poets about the wisdom of reviewing and performing, and even offering poems for publication, without being paid.  Of… Continue reading how do we value ourselves?

the joys of randomness

30 October 2015 I love making random discoveries that become a potentially important part of the research journey. Not only is it great fun, as you meander in an apparently aimless way through the web, but I find it highly subversive. Years of counter-intuitive obedience to the scientific method, ruthlessly and inappropriately demanded because –… Continue reading the joys of randomness