adam johnson

At the risk of seeming obsessed with footballers convicted of sex offences I have decided to write about this case, not least because it has provoked a lot of discussion in my own family. I should say at the outset that adult men should always be held responsible for their actions, especially when interacting with… Continue reading adam johnson

despair about duality

I have grappled with dual thinking about physical and mental illness for years, both professionally and personally. I had dared to hope that things were improving slowly, that mental illness was better accepted, if not understood, by the general population in the UK, even if not by the medical profession. Unfortunately I feel forced to… Continue reading despair about duality

doctors’ contracts, jeremy hunt & the NHS

It is difficult to know where to start. I feel angry, disappointed and saddened in almost equal measure, although anger and disbelief predominate. The long running dispute between the doctors (represented by the BMA) and the government has come to a head in recent months, and following the second day of industrial action on Wednesday,… Continue reading doctors’ contracts, jeremy hunt & the NHS


Where does one even begin? It is depressing to think that our media is, for the next four months, going to be dominated ¬†by whether Britain should stay in the EU. It is even more depressing to think that the outcome could possibly be influenced by the views of a man who has virtually admitted… Continue reading europe

The NHS, doctors on strike & other things

It feels as though we are reaching the end game with the NHS. The Guardian has launched a month-long ‘special’ looking at all aspects of the NHS, and something about the NHS features in the media nearly every day. The official narratives diverge more and more with the publication of each new set of figures.… Continue reading The NHS, doctors on strike & other things