Guest Author – Avril Joy on setting her novel in a place she’s never been

I find this article incredibly encouraging and liberating. It gets to the essence of what creativity is all about – using one’s imagination and intuition to deliver a set of truths. These truths may not be the truths produced by the null hypotheses of the scientific method, but for those of us who do not… Continue reading Guest Author – Avril Joy on setting her novel in a place she’s never been

Trust, abuse, and football

As is becoming increasingly clear there are sadly many women who have been emotionally or sexually abused in childhood by men that they trusted. (I know that there have been men who have been victims and women who have abused, but they are a minority). Many of these women have never spoken out for fear… Continue reading Trust, abuse, and football

the privatisation of the NHS

I watched this film soon after it was publicised and having just watched it again am horrified that the privatisation tank is rolling on with virtually no resistance. It is eighteen months since the film was made, and the latest steps towards full privatisation are currently proceeding in near secrecy. STP – Sustainability and Transformation… Continue reading the privatisation of the NHS

them and us

Twice in the past two days I have  found myself with tears rolling down my cheeks. I am not a person who cries easily, so why now? Yesterday I walked back from the picket line of junior doctors outside our local hospital. I had taken them sandwiches and cakes as an expression of solidarity for… Continue reading them and us

#PanamaPapers: 7-days later.

Originally posted on Mr Topple:
“A week is a long time in politics” – said Harold Wilson, allegedly. It’s also a very long time in the otherworldly mainstream media, as the past seven days since the “Panama Papers” were first revealed have shown. We started with the “shocking” revelations that corrupt, power-hungry Putin, surrounded by…

do working mothers really matter?

It might seem a provocative title, but it is something that I have wondered about on and off throughout my adult life. As a new mother in the 80s, keen to pursue my career in medicine as well as attempting to be a good enough mother (oh how I wish that I knew about Winnicott at… Continue reading do working mothers really matter?