I had already thought about the ethics of autoethnographic writing, and discussed it in a research ethics seminar. However, yesterday’s writing made me think all over again. My husband was clearly put out by my comments that ‘he had understood the film from beginning to end’ and obviously felt that I had somehow portrayed him… Continue reading communication

things are not what they seem

A curious collection of events in the past 24h that struck as being linked by one thing only – that what one sees on the surface can often be very different from what is actually going on. I woke to the familiar voices of the radio 4 Today presenters, discussing a forthcoming Panorama programme about… Continue reading things are not what they seem

thoughts for the rcpsych

The RCPsych has an ongoing commitment to parity of esteem These are a few thoughts about equality and diversity in mental health – maybe I should have phrased that ‘lack of equality and diversity in mental health.’ I get incredibly angry about the refusal of the medical profession in general, and psychiatrists in particular, to… Continue reading thoughts for the rcpsych