seven word reflection

I came across an interesting way of encouraging free association – close your eyes and open a book at random, put a finger on the page, and open your eyes. Take the three words before and after the word, thus getting a seven word phrase. Start writing, trying not to censor or direct your thoughts.… Continue reading seven word reflection

parity of esteem for mental health remains a dream

The plight of Mohammad Asghar, a British citizen and resident of Edinburgh, is surely the stuff of nightmares. He is in a Pakistani jail, sentenced to death because of blasphemy. Recently he was shot in the back whilst in prison, apparently by a member of staff. It has been widely assumed by the British media… Continue reading parity of esteem for mental health remains a dream

football – reflections on travelling away

Coming down to earth after an exciting Cup win at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium last night I find myself reflecting on the enormous paradoxes of English football. 59,600 people turned out on a midweek evening to watch 22 men kicking a ball around a patch of grass. The gulf between the lifestyles of the men on… Continue reading football – reflections on travelling away

oscar pistorius

I hope I’m not in contempt of South African court by writing this before the final verdicts are handed down in the trial of Oscar Pistorius – as I write the court has just adjourned until tomorrow, with Judge Masipa having cleared the athlete of premeditated murder, but ending today’s proceedings with a verdict of culpable… Continue reading oscar pistorius

adding to the many comments about ashya king…

Every person in the UK who reads newspapers/ watches TV/ listens to the radio/ accesses any digital news must be aware of the tragic, appallingly mismanaged case of Ashya King and his family.The Prime Minister has commented in a personal capacity, and there has been near unanimous support for the family from across the media… Continue reading adding to the many comments about ashya king…