difficult problems

The recent (lack of) publicity about a young Sudanese woman leaves me wondering, not for the first time, about the western world’s priorities. The reported facts are fairly consistent; a 26y old Sudanese doctor, Meriam, with a Muslim father, but brought up as an Orthodox Christian by her Christian mother, married a Christian. They have… Continue reading difficult problems


A sequence of unrelated events have left me reflecting on loss. Yesterday my son travelled overnight to Scotland with his girlfriend; her grandmother had been admitted to hospital for what was anticipated to be terminal care. This turned out to be the case, apparently she was fully conscious and talking when they arrived, but deteriorated… Continue reading loss

why isn’t mental health taken seriously?

Amazingly, the headline on the 07.00 radio 4 news this morning was about the shortage of mental health beds. There was more detail on the BBC website, including details of a patient being admitted to a ward for deaf people, other patients in London being sent to B&B accommodation, and patients being sent hundreds of… Continue reading why isn’t mental health taken seriously?

bad things continue to happen

I was pleased to hear the news that Gerry Adams has been released from police custody before the 20.00h deadline imposed on the police. Without taking the side of either party in the long history of trouble in Northern Ireland it is surely possible to be horrified by the prospect of a return to the… Continue reading bad things continue to happen