autonomy & baby boomers

Autonomy – from the Greek autonomia, the freedom to live by one’s own laws. More commonly defined today as ‘freedom from external control or influence; independence’ (Oxford dictionary), or philosophically as ‘the doctrine that the individual human will is or ought to be governed only by its own principles and laws’ (Collins English dictionary). The Stanford encyclopedia… Continue reading autonomy & baby boomers


I listened to the car crash that is Michael Gove’s education policy unravel last night. As politicians slugged it out in Westminster, both in the traditional cross party fight and in increasingly bitter internecine war, it seemed that few people were giving much thought to the hundreds (correction – thousands) of students involved. The so-called… Continue reading education?

reflections on the eve of the D-Day landings

We are now approaching Ford (the next train is not scheduled to call at this station). Children whining, exhausted mothers gathering up belongings; We are now approaching Angmering. “Just leave it there, do you want to stand up? Come on then.” Hum of voices, sleepy June afternoon, Sussex fields flashing by – a million miles… Continue reading reflections on the eve of the D-Day landings

poem on the train

Grey landscapes flying past rain streaked windows, sitting inside the pitching and tossing sea green carriage I contemplate eternity, the meaning of life prompted by Donna Tartt and her goldfinch. Two ladies, seventy-something, Daily Mail readers, pontificate predictably. “Things aren’t what they were, I never dreamed of asking my parents for money” ‘The next station… Continue reading poem on the train