Mental Health and being a Woman…

I share your frustration about the rising numbers of women attempting or completing suicide. It’s not a deadly competition and women are too often fobbed off or belittled or humiliated when they express their worries & fears.

Maybe she’s born with it... Maybe it’s Fluoxetine.

There are 84 sculptures standing precariously on the edges of tall buildings in London. Each one represents one of the 84 men a week who die by suicide every week. You might have seen them overhead, on TV or in recent articles about male suicide – they were striking, prevalent and rightly so. For the men themselves, the families and friends involved and campaigners who work tirelessly to raise awareness of issues behind and surrounding mental health and suicide in males and the silence and stigma that comes with that, CALM’s #Project84  gave the subject a visual platform which couldn’t be ignored.

Suicide is the leading cause of death of men under 50 in the UK and three times as many men die by suicide than women. It’s understandable that so many campaigns on suicide emphasise this fact and use these statistics to encourage men to speak out about…

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