Beer-tasting and poetry on April 8th – A double bill – Parthian Baltic and the European Poetry Festival

Very vivid imagery – it has stayed with me. The simplicity is enviably deceptive.

Abegail Morley


An evening of poetry and beer-tasting to celebrate the launch of Parthian Baltic, a series of books showcasing the best writing from Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Featuring readings from Madara Gruntmane, Eduards Aivars & Krišjānis Zeļģis (Latvia –  photos below), Eeva Park & Veronika Kivisilla (Estonia), Aušra Kaziliūnaitė, Marius Burokas & Giedrė Kazlauskaitė (Lithuania),  and translations and discussion from Jayde Will, Rimas Uzgiris, Richard O’Brien & Adam Cullen.

The Wheatsheaf, 25 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JB at 6 pm


European Poetry Festival: Performance Literature & Sound Poetry

European poetry is going through a remarkable renaissance in avant-garde and innovative practise. A series of poets explore the possibilities of performance, aliveness, space, time and sound. This event is a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the possibilities of an old art in a new century. Sergejs Timofejevs, one of the founders of The Orbita Group is also performing.


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