Sofa Spotlight – Winter 2016

This is always a good blog to read, but Isabel has introduced me to more new authors than I have time to keep up with through her selections. Highly recommended.

The Literary Sofa

It’s an exciting day on the Literary Sofa as I launch my new quarterly ‘Sofa Spotlight’ for Winter 2016.  As mentioned when the blog reached its fifth anniversary, these shorter, more frequent selections will replace the  Hot Picks and Summer Reads, but I hope they will be just as popular!  The new system is already proving more manageable for me with five projects currently on the go (I hope to share some good news on one of them soon), but it also gives each title more of the attention it deserves.  Supporting authors and spreading the word about brilliant book finds is what it’s all about, and if I feature anything you can take it as read that I have, in fact, read it.  In full. And been impressed.

So, no change to my mission to discover novels which excel on the criteria that matter to me: quality writing, psychological depth, stimulating subjects and evocative…

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