I’ve been a Guardian reader for 40 years, but no longer. Here’s why. 

I am sticking with the Guardian in the absence of any other independent (hopefully a word that can still be applied most of the time) media. However I share this blogger’s concern about the biased reporting of the Corbyn campaign – the fact that the Guardian’s coverage has been slightly fairer than that of the BBC offers little mitigation. Come on Guardian journalists and editors, time to retrieve your good reputation. You can hardly afford to be losing longstanding supporters.

Walker's Rambles

Today, I received a routine email from the Guardian regarding my ongoing subscription to the paper. I have been a regular reader of the Guardian for 40 years including as a subscriber in recent years. But no longer.

My email explaining why is listed below.

Hi there

Thank you for your recent email.

It has prompted me to contact you regarding my Guardian subscription.

I have bought the Guardian since the age of 12; I am now 52. I have always considered the paper to be fair and on the side of people who are trying to make a difference. The paper’s campaigning work is well known and rightly so. Even though I have not always agreed with the paper’s leaders and editorial line, mostly I have and one of the main reasons I have supported the paper for 40 years has been its left of centre position on the…

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