Jeremy Hunt: the “nuclear option” goes into meltdown – #JuniorDoctors contract imposition illegal?

Excellent analysis of the current situation. Most pertinent is this phrase: “All because the Secretary of State is, quite frankly, too pig-headed and ignorant to listen to the genuine concerns of industry professionals – and is more concerned with a covert agenda of a scorched earth, privatisation-by-stealth policy for the NHS.”
Let no-one be in any doubt that the agenda of Hunt et al is, and has always been, the running down of the NHS, and its replacement with a US style insurance based medical system. This government has always been explicit in its wish to shrink the state. What is one of the biggest parts of the state? The NHS. It is a bottomless pit of resource demand, especially if there is no rationing and no rationalisation about who is treated, and for what. No government wants to be seen to have destroyed the NHS – not even this one. The answer is to show that the greedy and uncaring junior doctors have destroyed it, by going on strike and refusing to sign ‘reasonable’ contracts.
Do not allow government propaganda, aided by the BBC and most of the published media, to pull the wool over your eyes.

Mr Topple


A word that was the starting gun for the increased periods of industrial action we have witnessed by the BMA appears to have backfired on the Health Secretary, yesterday – as the news broke that Jeremy Hunt (faced with a High Court challenge over the legality of his actions), would now only be “introducing” the divisive “Junior Doctors Contract”; a possibly spectacular retreat, and one which may well leave the Health Secretary in a position of precarity – but one which he has denied through his medium of choice for official press statements when something is hitting the fan. Twitter.

In a letter from the Department of Health to the solicitors representing the “Justice for Health” group, in court today challenging Hunt, it was clearly stated that the Health Secretary would “proceed with the introduction of the new contract” (note no use of the word “imposition”).

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