Greek tragedies

Syriza, Tsipras, Varoufakis,

Grexit, Brexit, Troika,


a new lexicon, and now –


An apparent paradox where nei means yes

but 61% say no.


And now we are in uncharted territory.

Our politicians talk of redoubled austerity

whilst the EU masters argue about in and out –

the EU? the eurozone?

Ordinary people pay the price of standing up to be counted.


As Greece unites, its politicians supported by its people,

the ripples spread faster and wider.

History rises up with anger focused on Germany,

memories of occupation and reprisals.


Is this the story of Prometheus Bound?

Tsipras our Prometheus, defying the European gods,

setting fire to austerity?

His oratory reclaiming democracy and civilisation?

For such temerity are he and his people to be cast out

into the eternal abyss?



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