writing fragment

‘Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I have to tell you something that has been bothering me.’

I came back to earth with a bump. This sounded serious, so I needed to concentrate. I knew her of old and doubted that she had my welfare at heart with whatever she was about to tell me. I glanced at my watch – there was no way to avoid this revelation, whatever it might be.

‘Ok, don’t worry, what’s the problem?’ I let her speak for what seemed like an eternity, trying hard to control my breathing and my blood pressure. It was important that I appeared calm, gave her no chance of satisfaction at scoring a direct hit. As she wound up she said ‘you do understand why I had to tell you.? I’m sorry, I hope it’s not a huge shock.’

I wanted so much as to wipe that smirk of satisfaction off her face.

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