Reflections on madness

Elegy for Eleanor

She wore a mask

Hiding her feelings for fear

Of their reality.

She stayed away too long

His traces had gone

Leaving only her madness.


Your truths are lies

And his denials truth,

His costs are high and you must pay.

Mad, I cannot be true,

They will lock me away.

Not mad, I am bad,

And it is not true.

But I know it is true, I am true.



Tuesday night

Stairs climbed in darkness,

feeling the familiar places before

reaching sanctuary.

Drowsiness dispelled by knowledge

of the night to come

and awakening to the morning.


Supper skirmish

He leaves

She waits.

Plate by plate,

She waits.


She waits

The meal is over,

table cleared

She waits.


She waits

determined not to beg,

and finally the arm comes

to make her whole.


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