train conversation

“She thinks she’s still about 30”

“She dresses young (contemptuously)”

“She’s made some very bad decisions”

“She’s too busy doing her own degree to be keeping an eye on Julie”

“She’s hopeless with money”

“She went off to Spain to live in a cottage when she had a really good job with the council”

(I notice mother (?) has no wedding ring on – some very sour grapes here? It must be either m or m-in-law from conversation, tho I suspect ‘Julie’ is not married)

“I never asked my parents for any money and they never gave me any”

Much more moderate companion who does have wedding ring, and throws in odd placating remark, that falls on deaf ears.

I think why do women like this have children? Women who seem to view their children as a total burden with no redeeming features, who cannot wait to see them go at the earliest possible opportunity.

“The train’s late – typical. Will we be late?”

“No, it starts at 11.30 and it’s only one tube stop from Victoria.”

I think, surely not, they can’t be going to the same place as I am.

Later, I see them collecting coffee. We are in the same place. The Dignity in Dying AGM. I feel confused, disorientated in my judgement. There is a discordancy here that I find difficult to rectify.

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